Kaidan: The Rengoku Legends - Moriko Mioku, Kioku Greymind

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There are those within the Kioku who give up themselves in the name of eternity, trapping their spirits within the husks of their bodies. Moriko Mioku is submitting herself to this ritual, even as she oversees the elders of the Clan.

Moriko is the current Seihaiiro, the overseer of the clan, called the Grey Mind. She is already two years into the ritual that preserves her immortal soul within the cage of bones that is her current body, barely subsisting on a diet of water and a few chosen herbs. Her skin is hardening day by day, taking on a leathery scalelike texture, leaving her gaunt with no muscle between skin and bone. It is expected that her mortal body will fail her soon, and she will finally be granted immortality.