Kaidan: The Rengoku Legends - Midori Izumi, Kioku Loreguard

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The Loreguards of the Kioku (the Denshō kishi) are amongst the fiercest warriors of the clan, and Midori is the fiercest of them. Some say she is demonic, but others say she thirsts for vengeance with a fire that matches any hell.

Midori is amongst the most fearsome of the Denshō kishi. She claims that her mother was slain by a demon during her birth, and that the demon spared her, but at a cost. A slither of its rage-filled soul clawed its way inside her, along with the word “vengeance”. This, she says, explains the fire of her temper and the shortness of her patience. Whether or not this is true doesn’t matter: the terror it inspires when she claims to be the Mondesu, the gateway to the afterlife, is very, very, real.