Kaidan: The Rengoku Legends - Ren Nakajima, Aranami Salt Seer

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The Shiomiru are an order of priests dedicated to enacting the will of the seagods and the oceans. Ren Nakajima is a young priestess, devout in the extreme. She has been suffering visions of a threat stirring from the deep waters.

On the day that the last leviathan was slain by Kaito Kanzaki, Ren Nakajima came into her power. It is said the two events are inextricably linked, with the Salt Seer being afflicted with her first glimpse of the future when the blood of the great beast splashed across her face and hands as she worked alongside her mother, gutting and fileting the creature for the coming feast. What she saw in the curing salts shook her clan to its very core: the sinking of one of the great Aranami floating cities, thousands of dead floating in the water to be consumed by a creature from the deep.