"The Hydra (Or Sea Wraiths) have been unknown to mankind until very recently and thus little is known about them. Thankfully, their behaviour suggests that they are not hostile to humans. A Hydra is a creature that, by all definitions, is functionally immortal. Instead of going through the standard cyclical process of ageing and death, the Hydra continuously recycles its cells, thus re-birthing and sustaining itself indefinitely. Furthermore, with each renew cycle, the Hydra creates an extension of its mind within a growth. These growths are each formed inside a new skull and are assimilated within the existing cortex. This grouping is called an Animembrum. The unchecked maturing of the Animembrum leads many Hydra to develop Hypertelekinesis, enabling them to cloak themselves and escape detection indefinitely, save for when they wish to communicate with humans and perhaps other beings. There is a possibility that the creatures of the 5th Column have an evolutionary link to the Hydra."

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Growth of the animembrum. The skull disconnects from the jaw and moves back to allow for more room

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