"The Genesors are odd creatures and are considered the vanguards of the Column. They aid in the process of extraction and injection of ripe human subjects. They are able to control and utilise their tool extensions via a controlling system hidden away on their person. and aren't shy about conducting extravagant experiments on lucky subjects. Though they are weak in strength and power, they are unmatched in cunning and intellect."

Connor sheehan genesor final
Connor sheehan arm 3d sketch
Connor sheehan process gof

Process GIF

Connor sheehan step 01

Step 01 - Brief Sketch

Connor sheehan step 02

Step 02 - Refined Sketch and Colour blockin

Connor sheehan step 03

Step 03 - First paint pass

Connor sheehan step 04

Step 04 - Altered the position and shape of the arms here

Connor sheehan step 05

Step 05 - Paint paint paint