BELOW THE SALT | The Taxman collects [IFCC]

A piece done in collaboration with IFCC Online 2020. Tune in to May 25-30 to watch me detail how I take a 3D base render to this final paint. I've included a small talk that we had recently regarding the piece and more. (Please excuse the echos around the 10-20 minute mark)

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Her hands shaking she grabbed the back door keys off of the hook and started to fumble with them. The fishy stench filled the house and she could hear the heavy footing of the Taxman walking through the hallway and Amelia prayed none of the other children would be home. Shaking, she finally got the keys into the keyhole and pulled the back door open. She was met with a dark wet form that loomed over her. The fishy stench was utterly repulsive this close. She could see every abhorrent detail in the monster, It had barnacle-like growths infesting its body, clumping in groups that painted the metallic armour. Amelia desperately tried to shut her eyes and run, but she was frozen in place, legs not responding to her hopeless calls to move.

IFCC Online - Connor Sheehan [Sorry about the echo between the ~10-20 minute mark]