Kaidan: The Rengoku Legends - Gyo Ukigumo

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Gyo embodies the Ukigumo Clan. A master of each of the three styles of the Ukigumo, he is a whirlwind in combat that never ceases, despite his old age. Whenever Ikaiguchi is under threat, Gyo will be there.

Not only is Gyo the daimyo of his clan, but also Master of the Talon and an exemplar of the blade. He is the only known samurai of the Ukigumo who has mastered each of the three combat styles and has mastered the art of kyudo (archery). A solemn and uncompromising leader who sees himself as guardian of Ikaiguchi, Gyo is loyal to his emperor, honoring the solemn vows of fealty made by his ancestors centuries ago.

A brute of a man, the Master of the Talon wears armour masked with feathers, giving the impression of him as a giant bird of prey. In battle, he dons a golden-beaked mask that strikes fear into the heart of his foes. His boots are equipped with talons that allow for incredible grip on rocky mountain slopes, making Gyo a lethal hunter. He is accompanied by his ever-loyal gray falcon that perches upon his shoulder, ready to take wing at his command. The bird of prey is as lethal as any range weapon.