Beyond Human Challenge - Villains

Here are the heroes from my submission for the Beyond Human Challenge. I loved the challenge and highly encourage anyone to take part in future ones if you get the chance!

My story was based on AI gaining omniscience and starting the first steps in leaving earth to visit other worlds. Though, after breaking free of being the backbone of human society, some AI decided on enacting justice for the oppresion they experienced. You can read the full story summary and character profiles here:

Connor sheehan lineup villains


Connor sheehan dracken final

Dracken, Vindication Leader

Connor sheehan willian final

Exarch Willian, Traitor

Connor sheehan junjun final

Grand Enhancer JunJun, Vindication Engineer

Connor sheehan ode final

Ode Apanirun, Bounty Hunter

Connor sheehan slavemaster final

Slavemaster, Vindication